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About the artist...

"Paint the lily", as well as Polina, is my artist's nom de guerre. The use of one or the other solely depends on my mood :)

In the past, I studied classic animation, as well as took drawing and painting at The St. Petersburg State Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture - one of the finest and most renowned art school in Europe.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, I was taking John Viljoen's portraiture master classes, and am preparing for exhibitions.

I was very excited about recently opened opportunity for further studies at the famous art school of Ted Seth Jacobs commenced at a crossroads in the Loire Valley, France. However, Ted commented about my work: "There is something I don't understand. I hope you won't mind if I am totally honest. From what I saw on your site, you have developed your own strong style. May I ask, why do you want to study with me?" - that was the best endorsement for my work, so now I am taking on my own journey and invite you to join.

While portraiture is my cup of tea, right now I am working on mutual relation of colours and space. I try to highlight the depth of the space without resorting to the help of forms or shapes. Forms or shapes carry out only a piece in addition to the original view of the artist and just facilitates creation of colour surfaces. Energy of light, gracious lines and harmony of composition distinguish creation of the artist.

I want to see the viewer’s eyes running across my paintings being attracted to the radiant application of tones and colours. Pollock's "The painting has a life of its own - I try to let it come through" perfectly applies to my art. Do not consider it as an investment of your money - art never was, and never will be. It is rather an investment of your soul - something you will have and remember for life.

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